Our products and services

Our Business Model

Business ProcessesThe company is divided into three areas of service that are very inter-connected. Business needs often come from  a need to improve business processes.

Our customers may need assistance or advice in accounting, management, finance or strategic planning. Our BUSINESS SERVICES can help companies address their needs and identify problems in their business processes.

As we have developed considerable expertise in these areas to develop and maintain our software, it is natural for us to make this expertise available to our customers whether permanently or punctually.

These business needs are increasingly resolved by software. The choice of those programs will have a major impact on the competitive advantage of the company. It is for this reason that the choice of the latter is critical. The SOFTWARE SERVICES provide our customers with their main working tools, systems that allow them to manage their business operations.

To be effective, these softwares must be installed on an appropriate IT architecture. The services provided by our IT SERVICES department can ensure that the infrastructure will allow the optimal use of the selected software in support of the new business processes.

AnalyzeNewNeedsThe three services that we offer are integrated into an iterative process that allows us to deliver measurable results and to ensure that the business needs are met.

The five stages of our process allows us to meet the business needs.

The needs analysis allows us to understand the problem to be solved in the company.

A subsequent analysis of the software used and the technological infrastructure allows us, with the needs analysis, to make recommendations for upgrading them according to the needs and our expertise enables us to provide labor for the implementation of the solution or work with resources selected by the company.

Our technical support and our availability after implantation allow us to ensure that the project is completed and that no problems will jeopardize the project.