Clients & Projects

I am Sophie Allard, President of AH!COM, a communications and public relations company.

Nowadays, one needs a good lawyer, a good accountant and most importantly a good IT advisor. When something goes wrong, we need it fixed for yesterday. At MICROCOM, they just not only understand the issue, they do whatever they can to help resolve the situation in a timely fashion.

Sophie Allard

My name is Lina Myrand I am controller at GLOBAL MJL Ltd a wholesale fruits and vegetables importer/exporter.

We deal with MICROCOM since 1995. We contacted Mr. Perreault seeking for counsel with regards to our billing and purchases systems. We needed them to be more computerized. I would say the first thing that comes to mind when I think of our relationship with MICROCOM is the daily support they provide which is needed in a company like ours. MICROCOM is always there to meet our needs. Congratulations to MICROCOM for your 15th Anniversary. I wish you a long life.

Lina Myrand

My name is Frank Ciccarello from the company Pavé Luxe. I’m president of the company and we distribute paving stones around the city of Montreal.

I’ve been a customer of Microcom since 1996. We started with Accès Informatique as our software people and they closed down. MICROCOM took over. As of that point we’ve been with MICROCOM for over 15 years. MICROCOM takes care of everything that involves computers, the way we do billing, servers, they’re even taking care of my website. They basically do everything that involves our computers. I’ve been with MICROCOM for 15 years, the reason being; whether it’s service or ideas, they are quick and have great ideas whenever we encounter a problem.

Frank Ciccarello