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IT enterprise located on the east-side of Montreal and founded in 1995, it is specialized in the development of technological solutions aiming to improve productivity of organizations. The company offers solutions that helps its clients increase their productivity and efficiency through a better management of their processes. Our team is developing a performant framework and tools based on open source and proprietary technologies allowing the creation of sophisticated, flexile, long lifespan, scalable multi-platforms business solutions.

About the President and CEO


Christian Perreault, President and CEO

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to technology. When I was 10, I learned programming through a GWBASIC workshop in elementary school. From then on, computer science was a true passion for me. In my teenage years, I began helping my family and friends, making a little pocket money. The rest took care of itself! From one encounter to another, opportunities began to unfold, and with a good dose of curiosity, perseverance and creativity, in May of 1995, at 16 years of age, I founded MICROCOM with the help of my aunt, a professional accountant. From the very beginning, we oriented ourselves toward management software, all the while offering the widest array of IT services to meet our customers demand for a one-stop technology solution.

For 18 years now, MICROCOM has been offering its customers a global approach in technology management, thanks to its professional team, suppliers and partners. Despite our growing experience, we haven’t lost any of our dynamism and creativity, and they still shine through all products and services we’ve launched this past year, be it on the IT side, with our intelligent data bandwidth management system, on our software development side, by launching our new framework which required 4 years of development, or with our new methods of analysis of business processes applied to technology integration, developed by our business services department.

You like our philosophy, and would like to contact us? Either as a future customer, supplier, employee, or partner, don’t hesitate, we are eager to meet you!

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Christian Perreault
President and Chief Executive Officer

514-645-3533 or toll-free 1-877-640-3533 x700

The business


Our mission is to offer a wide range of technological and administrative services for SMEs.  Our clients are SMEs that have better things to do than manage multiple technology suppliers who blame eachother.

2Enterprise goals

Management software being the central point of most enterprises’ needs, we have made it our specialty.

3Business model

We do everything so that our business model pushes us to propose the best services and products, at the best price, while offering the widest array of services to our customers.  We build long-lasting, strong human relationships with their staff.