• IT Services

    VOIP, wiring, equipment, servers, hosting, network, maintenance.

  • Careers

    We are always looking for new talent. Visit the Careers section.

  • Development of Software Solutions

    We offer a broad range of solutions for you and your business.

  • Business Services

    We provide assistance with administrative and accounting tasks


MICROCOM pushes the limits of what you can obtain with your technology budget: with access to a range of the latest and most advanced technologies, we also have the expertise to offer you the best service and support 24/7/365. Contact us, or read the Services and Products page for more information on all our products.


MICROCOM always remains neutral, transparent and 100% dedicated to the technology needs of its customers. Need a multi-platform complex solution, or a basic website for your company? We can accomodate you.


The MICROCOM business model impels us to provide you with the best products and services at the lowest cost. We have the expertise to offer the best services only, with 24/7 support.

Your nightmare just ended.

You’ve had enough of IT service providers blaming each other whenever a problem arises in your business, while never addressing the core issue?

You knocked on the right door.  MICROCOM offers all the services that you and your SME need to boost your productivity and accelerate your processes. You’ll have more time to spend doing the things that really matter for your business, and much less wasted being preoccupied by technology caprices.